We all have imaginations travelling freely down pathways of desire or fear, but over time we learn to suppress the fantasies and limit our reality. It is time to undo the suppression, and start living a life we desire most!  After all, by failing to connect our wildest dreams and our reality leaves us stuck.

Whether you are new in business, fully established, or personally developing, the following keys will be beneficial to your success in all areas of your life. 

Until today, we have been following an ineffective approach when it comes to achievement. Not only do we have to combat society norms when deciding our next move, but we also have been following a system that disconnects us from our true self. 

These are the keys that are recommended for achieving the life you desire most. The first key is the most life-changing experience and will awaken your mind to succeed with clarity. 

1.Create a vision for your life

People often believe that in order to achieve you must set goals, however, this cannot be true if the vast majority of people who set goals for New Years go on to fail them 2 weeks into the new year. 

Before goal setting, you must know where you are travelling in the first place. This will save wasting time and energy going down many roads, being influenced by other people’s vision, society norms and the latest trends – what diet are we now on, veganism?

This is tiring and often leaves us feeling like a failure and not good enough! Why wait years only to realise you are not in the destination that is chosen by you and complements your uniqueness, but rather for someone else to relish in?

You have the power to take control of your life with an aligned vision that embraces who you are, and what you truly want. 

Creating a vision for your life, for your business or for your team, is no easy task. However, it is so darn rewarding, it is worth the investment. 

Start with the end in mind and work backwards.

To discover your vision, first, you must truly understand your values, areas of focus, skills, passion and interests. 

  • Write a 10-year vision that is beyond what you believe to be obtainable (written in the present tense),
  • And a 2-5 year mission of how you are going to live in order to achieve the vision.

When you are excited every time you read your vision and mission statement, it is then that you have truly grasped who you are and what the future will be. 

Once you have your statements, it is time to get creative. 

Add images of your ideal life, aspirations, belongings, goals and affirmations onto a board or book.

Once created, display somewhere where you often go as a constant reminder. Spend time waking up and/or before sleeping visualising each image as if you’ve achieved it. This will awaken the reticular activating system (RAS) – the part of your brain that will cut out distractions and see opportunities clearer. 

Like blinkers on a horse. You’ll be sure of the direction to your destination. 

2. Remove the heavy load

Now you have a clear view of the direction of travel, but now you have the challenge of the heavy load. 

Life can be a bit like this. 

You are the driver of your life, but currently, the vehicle you are driving is an old rusty transit van; carrying a heavy load, falling apart, wasting valuable fuel and plodding along, hoping it never breaks down. 

Being PEOPLE-PLEASERS is exhausting, it feels as though you have to “be kind to others” first. We load up our van with everyone else’s to-do lists, take on extra workload hoping to get noticed for our efforts and behave a certain way to please others in order to “fit in”.

Being natural EMPATHS is draining. Literally. Our energy supplies diminish as we are always quick to support others in time of need, without it being reciprocated, until our fuel tank is empty and we give up on progressing ourselves further. 

Being a PERFECT role model for all. The “good girl” expectation we squeeze ourselves into, craving acceptance from everyone. Achieving highest levels in our career or business, even when exhausted, on top of being a dedicated wife, mother, a school governor, financial provider for the family “upper-class” lifestyle, a supportive friend, an inspirational sibling. All of this whilst trying to permanently look sexy for our partners, professional for work, not over-done or under-done, but rarely ourselves.

It really doesn’t have to be this way. Get back into the driving seat and steer yourself to a more fulfilled life. You can go from an old rusty transit van to a supercharged, future-ready, economic power machine!

When you have your clear vision, it becomes far easier to identify what is causing the heavy load. For any future heavy load that prevents you from achieving your vision, you respectfully decline. 

3. Communicate

Being able to communicate a vision is advantageous. This sets a leader apart. 

Leaders master the ability to share a clear and exciting vision for the future. They honour their vision every day and by doing so has proven to have a positive effect across their peers, employees and personal relationships. By shifting peoples beliefs with what can be and will be, arouses emotion and motivates people to be their best. They will see your vision as belonging to them and will fuel you to reach your destination. 

According to Forbes, employees who find their company’s vision to be meaningful have an average engagement score of 68%. The average for those who do not have a meaningful vision is around 18%. 

To further help with the heavy load, by communicating your vision proudly will push away energy suckers and time-wasters. Reduce the number of stop signs and lighten your load, save yourself some fuel on your journey to success. 

4. Forget Focusing on The Money

Of course, money is important. We need it but it is far more rewarding to be true to yourself and developing a life you desire, than focusing on the money. The money will come when you are authentic. It will come from your heart rather than your head. 

When you raise your standards, to be the best in business or your best self, you’ll only accept greatness. 

The other advantage high-achievers know if that by not focusing on the money, it requires a resourceful way of thinking. Money is just a resource like with anything else. The lack of resourcefulness is commonly the problem with overcoming setbacks. Being resourceful is the kind of thinking innovators have as they think outside the box to “make it happen”. 

When you have an empowering vision that fuels your soul – you better be prepared for the energy surge that comes with it and the “I will not settle for no” kind of attitude. 

5. Get a Coach

It is no easy task in developing a clear picture of what you want the future to be, one that is true to you and without an expectation placed upon you.

Often than not, those go at it alone, get caught in the same trap of travelling in someone else direction because they are blissfully unaware of what they truly want. Equally, it is challenging to know what is an actual legit limitation, and one that is just your negative narrative. 

Negative narratives are developed over the years and be anything from childhood conditioning, the identity you attached yourself to, and your beliefs. For example, “I can’t market to an executive audience because I have never been one myself. They will know that I am inexperienced.” is a negative narrative that holds people back.

A coach will guide you to an empowering vision that overcomes negative self-talk, limiting beliefs and fears that are holding you back from starting in the first place. A good coach will also help you with goal setting once you have your vision in place. 

Pick one that you are drawn towards and one that has a proven successful process is my best advice. Trust your intuition and take the leap!

And if you are not convinced…

Who is a world leader at what they do?


Tesla’s vision statement is “to create the most compelling car company of the 21st century by driving the world’s transition to electric vehicles.” and their mission, “to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.”

Tesla is true to their vision, they communicate effectively, they influence and inspire the best, it is never about the money but rather the environment. They are innovators. They are leaders.

Do you want to be a leader or a follower?

Well, now you know where it starts. It is not about goal-setting, but rather a vision of your future. Goal-setting is the next phase.

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“many overestimate what can be achieved in one year, but underestimate what can be achieved in a decade”

The time is now. Own this decade! Before goal setting, create a vision for your life and business.

Future You will be forever grateful.



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