Verve Rally: Where Luxury Lifestyle Meets Adventure

Mixing adventure, like-minded people and luxury lifestyle, Verve Rally is reshaping the boundaries of the 5-star holiday.

Carbon neutral, the five or nine-day experience involves participants cruising along some of Europe’s most expressive open roads to the most desirable locations. But this is not a challenge of speed nor endurance. As cofounder Darshana Ubl argues: “A race is a timed event. A rally is two or more cars sharing an adventure.”

While some ardent petrolheads might disagree with Darshana’s definition, the etymology of rally comes from the Old French, ralier, essentially “to unite.” On the Verve Rally there are no prizes for speeding across the continent. On the five day, the average driving time is less than three hours a day, with no driving on one day, and on the nine day it’s four hours a day, with no driving on two days. Each will see participants driving in convoy with a bit of banter on the walkie talkies along the way.

Darshana has enjoyed a successful career as a businesswoman and champions small and medium-sized enterprises as a spokesperson on  BBC News, along with various national radio and television channels. After moving to London from Singapore, the longtime luxury car lover grew disillusioned at the lack of opportunities to enjoy driving.

Europe’s mainland has the warmer weather and inspiring roads, but she struggled to find a rally that didn’t glue you to the wheel, especially if you’re more Ferrari 458 Italia than vintage 250 coupe. With many years of major events experience, including a Guinness World Record for organising the most people at a business speed networking event, Darshana launched her own rally with cofounder Marcus Ubl. Or as she puts it, “have some fun with great people and cool cars.”

Marcus explains: “The ethos behind Verve Rally is a celebration of life, natural beauty and performance cars. It’s about the enjoyment of driving, the freedom and adventure of a roadtrip with like-minded people.” Beautiful roads are integral to any road trip. Verve Rally blends these and their spirit of adventure and a focus on fine cuisine, relaxation and entertainment.

This year has two different routes, a five day “Palaces & Chateaux Rally” in July which explores the Palaces and Chateaux of France. Driving from London to the French countryside and enjoying a holiday in the lap of luxury. Expect elegant dinners, gala fireworks, partying in Paris, a hot air balloon ride and lots more surprises with a group of like-minded people.

The second, a 9 day “Six Country European Rally” in September where we traverse mountains, vineyards, the Riviera, rivers, lakes, Autobahn, Black Forest and more. From Champagne tours, boat rides, exclusive parties, Swiss Alps and the Black Forest, this 9 day holiday is a perfect blend of adventure and fun with down-time for relaxation on the 2 days we’re not driving.

Ververs cover a much broader spectrum than the average get-together of petrolheads. While the demographic of most rallies contains less than 20% women, Verve can boast a high female participation rate close to 50%: “We’ve developed the right balance of driving, luxury lifestyle and relaxation that we have found appeals to both singles and couples, and both sexes equally.”

A collection of luxury cars cruising across Europe is usually as far from eco friendly as you can be. But not so. Through a partnership with the PATT Foundation and Treedom, Verve Rally offsets its carbon footprint by planting trees across the world.

The types of cars that join are ones that stir the passions of driving, whilst also being comfortable for the journey ahead. Think Aston Martin DB11 elegantly traversing the Gotthard Pass through the Swiss Alps, or a Lamborghini Gallardo 560-4 Spyder sweeping along the shores of Lake Como, or opening up a Porsche 997 Turbo on the German autobahn. You can drive your own car, or hire one of the wide range of rides available through Verve. This is not your average holiday. Verve Rally is a new experience on wheels, a different you, new friends, some great photos and a book filled with memories.

Marcus Uble (B ENT MGT)
[email protected]
+44 203 808 8488 +44 7900 185 692

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