Virtual vs In Person Exhibiting

We’re in an interesting phase of doing business, where we’re both operating virtually and in person! We’ve learnt a lot about going virtual, but you just can’t beat being in person – is there any real advantage to going virtual? Or was it just a way of surviving a pandemic? What would we miss out on, not being ‘in the room’?

We have A LOT of thoughts on the question – and we’d love to share our perspective on virtual vs in person when it comes to EXHIBITING.

Is there any real advantage to going virtual?

(Short answer – yes!)

It may have just started as a way to survive a pandemic, but we’d say that we’ve seen a lot of businesses and events THRIVE! There has been incredible pioneering and innovation through this pandemic, and we’ve been so excited to see it unfold and really submerse ourselves in the virtual world!

One major innovation and in all honesty, a surprise success has been virtual exhibiting. At first it doesn’t sound like a great deal BUT you really need to experience it to see just how well it actually works! I had so many ‘but what about…?’ questions, so here’s a list of reasons why we have found that VIRTUAL EXHIBITING WORKS and why we’ve chosen to go this route for our very own Virtual Women’s Business Conference (formerly an in-person event!)

1. You are visible for longer.

If the business show you are exhibiting at does it right, your ‘stand’ will be visible for longer. Since we don’t need to physically stand there for 8 hours – why not use this to your advantage?! This is why we can boast that exhibitors at the Virtual Women’s Business Conference will be live for the whole month of Dec, with the live event happening for only two days on the 14th-15th Dec.

Instead of two days and a limited amount of hours spent with potential clients at a physical stand – our virtual platform is open for A WHOLE MONTH! That means your virtual stand will be accessible for 30 days, 24 hours a day!

2. You have the opportunity to reach way more people.

Here’s a scenario we’ve seen play out many times! You’re at your stand, talking to someone. Someone else walks past and has a look, seems interested but moves on when you’re not readily available to engage. THE FRUSTRATION because you simply can’t engage with every person who has a snoop around your stand.

But when things are virtual, we can have a broader range of data capturing tools at our disposal! For example, the platform we use to host our conference collects the names and contact details of EVERY PERSON that views your virtual stand. Even if they are only there for a second! This data is then emailed to you, so you can start those one-to-one conversations at any time that suits you.

There are so many more opportunities to connect with people when you’re not limited to how many people you can physically talk to at one time. 

3. Success doesn’t depend on your physical presence at all times

Similar to the above limitations, taking a lunch, coffee or even toilet break means you miss out on conversations! What if you don’t have a huge team to take with you to man the stand at all times? To catch those stray observers who wouldn’t stay to chat if you’re busy talking with someone else? What if you’re not physically able to be present the whole day (or two days in the case of the Women’s Business Conference!)

The above means that you won’t miss out on potential clients even if you step away from your stand.

Saying that, there is always an advantage to being present at your stand – even virtually as you’ll have opportunities to have conversations there and then with those who engage in the chatbox. We will also have Zoom and WhatsApp integration with your virtual stand, meaning you can chat face to face then and there, almost just the same as an in-person exhibit!

4. There are MORE opportunities, and it doesn’t have to cost so much!

There is always so much more that you can do when you’re not dependent on physical presence – you’ve pretty much multiplied yourself! (Have you not always wanted to be able to do this?!) You could – in theory – exhibit at multiple shows AT THE SAME TIME!

Something that we’ve loved to be able to do at this year’s Women’s Business Conference is introduce a lower sign up cost, and invite so many more businesses to exhibit because we’re not having to rent a venue, and we’re not limited by space! So we are pleased to be able to do our part in supporting businesses in their Covid recovery, with virtual exhibitor stands costing ONLY 250. It’s a no brainer really! 

Exhibiting with us virtually (or any other virtual show or exhibitions) can definitely save you money on entry costs – not to mention all the money (and time!) you’ll be saving by not travelling and not having to pay for accommodation and food. You don’t even need to get anything physically printed – I think the planet will breathe deeper knowing how many trees we’ve just saved.

5. You can quickly become a GLOBAL brand!

This year, because of virtual business events, the Women’s Business Club has gone GLOBAL! We have clubs opening all over the world, and we would never have been able to do that in the same timeframe if we relied on in-person events, and having to physically be across the globe all at once! But with virtual events, the possibilities are endless! And we have truly embraced this (as could you!) by opening up our virtual events to the rest of the world. Are you ready to go global?!

SO what do you think – have we persuaded you to embrace virtual life?

Why not come and join us at the GLOBAL Virtual Women’s Business Conference this December? Women’s Business Virtual Conference offers exhibitor opportunities from only 250, find out more at


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