Where Should Your Marketing Efforts Be For Q1?

When it comes to planning your marketing, you’ll quite often want to make sure that you’re planning ahead. You won’t always want to wait until things are starting to slow down, or until trends are popping up and you’re missing them. If you want to get smart with your marketing, you need a killer strategy. And yes, it takes a lot of planning, but it will always be worth it. So now if the perfect time for you to be thinking about what you want to do in Q1 of next year. You will want to think about what you can do to really shake things up as you go into a new year and a new season for your business.

To help you think of ideas that are more than just social media, consider these five options.

Influencer Marketing

First of all, there’s the idea of working with influencers. And yes, this is new and different, but it also can be incredibly effective. You are likely to find that there are a range of influencers in your market and industry that have an engaged audience. And these are the guys that you want to be working with. If you can come up with a fun and creative way to work with them, and give something to their audience, you should find that this ends up as being more than just social exposure for you.

Email Newsletters

The next thing that you’re going to want to think about here, is email marketing. Now, email marketing seems to have been ‘forgotten’ about by a lot of brands and businesses. But one thing you need to remember is that, while social media is new and exciting, you do not own that platform. So you could lose everything in a second. But with email marketing, those contact details are yours. And you are free to market to your lists when you like. So they are incredibly powerful.


Something else that you should work on here is your CRM. And while you may be thinking what is CRM? It’s important for your personalization, your sales, and your customer service. It’s the way that you will target your customer better. If you want to make sure that your marketing efforts are more relevant to your audience, bringing a CRM system into play is so important.

Content Marketing

And, of course, we then have content marketing. Because having a blog and producing fantastic content and working on your SEO, is all going to help you to get more traffic, have more to say on social media, and just generally engage your audience all around.


And then there’s PR. And this is often something that so many of us overlook for the more modern and exciting methods of marketing. But PR is still effective today as it ever has been. You can choose to look for online PR and for social connections (as well as your influencers collaborations), but offline is great too. Traditional PR and getting placements in magazines, newspapers and on TV can be so effective for your business, especially when combined with online efforts.

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