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Aug 14, 2020

My journey with the Women’s Business Club started in the year of 2017, I had spent 2-3 months looking into local networking groups in my area and I could not find any of interest or any that I felt passionate about until I came across a video on Facebook by Angela De Souza – CEO of Women’s Business Club.

Angela was talking about her business and about how the importance of networking play’s an important role within our business and professional circles. I could see the passion and love that Angela had in her business and from there I felt drawn to find out more. I contacted Angela and started networking with her and began to follow the club in more detail. Early 2017 I became a member of the Women’s Business Club and started networking with other members and my love and passion for the club and what is stands for was growing each day. In October 2017 I decided I wanted to become a leader of the club and run my own events, I contacted Angela and we got the process started, I was going to be leading the Women’s Business Club Hitchin/Biggleswade events and this was due to start In November, but I was not ready as I still had some training to complete. I completed my training middle of November and I was due to start my club in January 2018, but then tragedy struck. On 11 January 2018, my dad lost his battle with lung cancer and my world was turned upside down. I became disconnected from the club and I was grieving, but at the same time my passion for Women’s Business Club was still there and I knew that one day when the time was right I would want to start my journey again and have my own franchise with the club.


The Journey to my franchise

It was late 2019, over a year of loss and heartbreak had passed and things were getting easier. I decided now was the time to start networking again and get back in contact with Angela and I informed her I wanted to become a member again & I was excited to start my networking journey  one more with the Women’s Business Club community

After a few months of being a member and speaking with Angela & networking with other members, the passion I had for the club was still there and I knew this would be in future for the foreseeable. In January 2020 I was given the opportunity to become an ambassador for the Women’s Business Club conference, which was taking place in December 2020, well as you can imagine I jumped at this chance. A week passed and I then decided I wanted to run the Hitchin Tribe Nights. I paid my membership and by end of January I was a leader of the club again, first meeting was due to take place towards the end of March, I was so excited, I had my venue secured, had one final meeting to discuss the final details and few a days later the country was hit with a pandemic called Coronavirus (Covid19)

Things were not going to plan, countries all over the world were put on lockdown and the world stopped, but this was not going to stop the Women’s Business Club community and the passion of it member’s – Angela took the big step and the club events went virtual online.

The process for the virtual meet ups began, members were wanting to attend, and I was getting bookings for my online tribe nights, and It was then I decided that I also wanted to run the Mocha Morning. I was finding it difficult to secure bookings and I was getting messages that people could not make it and were asking me if they could attend a Saturday Mocha Morning’s instead. Discussions took place with Angela and after a week the Hitchin Mocha Morning’s began and at present is the only Saturday Mocha Morning that Women’s Business club run.

May 2020 arrives, and I decided, I wanted to own the Hitchin franchise of Women’s Business Club This took a couple of months to get sorted and before we knew it, we were in the month of July. I got a conformation email on 23 July 2020. I had done it my journey that all started in 2017 with Angela and the Women’s Business Club, the passion, the trauma and the heartache and unimaginable situations had paid off – I guess for me the Law of Attraction worked, I manifested my goal and it came true.

Rebecca Morrow is the franchise owner and leader of the Women’s Business Club, Hitchin. You can find out about her and the Hitchin events at www.womensbusiness.club/stevenage

If you would like more information you can contact her

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: +44 (0)7593 270350


For further information on membership and what the Women’s Business Club is all about visit www.womensbusiness.club/meetups


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