Introducing the Women’s Business Club 2023 Board of Directors: A Powerhouse Team Driving Empowerment and Success for Women in Business

The Women’s Business Club is thrilled to announce the appointment of its esteemed Board of Directors for the year 2023. Committed to fostering gender equality and empowering women in the business world, this exceptional group of individuals brings diverse expertise and a shared passion for driving change. With their leadership, the Women’s Business Club aims to expand its reach, impact, and support for women entrepreneurs worldwide.

At the heart of the Women’s Business Club is a powerful mission: to empower as many women as possible to succeed in business across the globe. Recognising the unique challenges women face in the business arena, the Club seeks to provide a supportive and inclusive community that nurtures professional growth, fosters connections, and equips women with the tools they need to thrive.

The 2023 Board of Directors comprises exceptional professionals, each possessing a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to advancing gender equality. Let us introduce you to the distinguished members of the Board:

Natalie Sheils: Natalie is the board chair. She is seasoned HR and organization strategist with extensive experience in global leadership and transformation. Her expertise in shaping human capital strategies, developing leadership capabilities, and driving transformation has consistently delivered tangible stakeholder value. Her strategic insights and strong leadership skills will help drive the Women’s Business Club forward.

Jenny Blogg: Jennifer Blogg has over 20 years of experience working across a wide range of Commercial roles in retail, snacking, and lottery. She is experienced at leading teams through change and loves working in fast-paced, often complex situations. She also has the extra challenge of balancing her career with being a mum to 3 children and she says sometimes that can be the hardest part!

Angela De Souza: Angela is the founder and CEO of Women’s Business Club and a champion of women’s empowerment, having dedicated her career to supporting female entrepreneurs. Her expertise in business coaching and mentorship will be instrumental in guiding the Club’s programs and initiatives.

Eric De Souza: Eric is a seasoned business executive with a deep understanding of organizational strategy and operations. His keen business acumen will help steer the Women’s Business Club towards sustainable growth and success.

Lee Renshaw: With more than 30 years experience in marketing & branding Lee has developed a passion for brand building and marketing strategy. He has worked with some globally recognised brands, building brand awareness and proximity using a unique mix of creativity and strategic thinking. Lee is also a dog lover, keen boxer and an advocate for promoting mental health awareness.

Bernie Davies: Bernie is a publisher, TEDx Speaker, Author, Diversity & Entrepreneurship Leader with an outstanding 21 year legal career in property has now dedicated herself to helping businesses to increase visibility, grow their network and thrive, through Master Coaching, Mentoring and Publishing their books!

Dalia Kay: Dalia has worked as a portfolio manager in the trade finance sector for over 28 years. Her role involved considering investments with complex structures and mitigating risks as much as possible. An important part of her approach was to always look at transactions holistically, never discounting the human factor. Her personal motto is to always try to look at the bright side of life. Being the mum of two sets of twins helps!

Cristina Constandache: is a thought leader in all things digital and shares her expertise as a trusted advisor for brand and agency marketers as well as top grossing publishers. Always at the intersection of advertising and technology, she draws on more than 15 years of experience in global strategic partnerships with a proven track record in business development and client services on the international stage.

With this dynamic Board of Directors, the Women’s Business Club is poised to make a significant impact on women’s entrepreneurship worldwide. The Club invites aspiring and established women entrepreneurs, business professionals, and allies to join the movement, be part of this vibrant community, and unlock their full potential.

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