Wonderful Mocha Morning

BySarah Eddie

Mar 21, 2021 #Glasgow

Breaking Down Barriers and Empowering Women


I was delighted to have some new faces join us and hear about their success journey.

Dare to Dream is our mantra for 2021 and these ladies certainly are on top of that. 

It was especially important that we were able to be open about the obstacles we have faced as women.

It doesn’t matter if you are cruising in business, ready to take the leap or dreaming of breaking away from your day job, we all face obstacles internally and externally at some point.

I loved that we were able to share so much encouragement with each other and identify those barriers.

Hearing real stories from other women makes these challenges seem less “distant”. But, real problems can be solved with real solutions I say.

Our key discussion:

How to overcome our internal obstacles and propel ourselves into the successful life we dream of.

One thing we all had in common was that we read our fair share of inspirational and education books on business leaders, women figureheads and behavioural psychology. After our meet up I definitely have a few new resources added to my reading list!

I look forward to our next meet up and to hear more.

Dates for your Diary:

Mocha Morning April 17th 9:30am

Tribe Night April 28th 7:30pm

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[email protected]

By Sarah Eddie

Sarah is the director of Scotland Women's Business Club and host of the Fearless Female Voices podcast. Find out more about how you can get featured right here on this site at www.womensbusiness.club/media-pack

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