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ByWomen's Business Club

May 10, 2024

🌟 Be a Trailblazer for Women in Business! 🌟

Are you passionate about empowering women in business? Do you know a hard-working woman who deserves recognition for her achievements? Here's your chance to make a difference!

Introducing the Women's Business Virtual Awards Ambassador Program, where you play I valuable part in celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of women entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals from around the globe. As an ambassador for our awards, you'll have the opportunity to shine a light on exceptional businesswomen and help elevate their success to new heights.

Why become an ambassador?

  1. Prominent Recognition: As a featured ambassador, you'll be showcased right here on our page, reaching a wide audience of fellow entrepreneurs, professionals, and business enthusiasts.
  2. Exclusive Benefits: Enjoy VIP access with 2 free tickets to our prestigious finals event, where you'll network with industry leaders, sponsors, and fellow ambassadors.
  3. Impactful Influence: Your nominations can make a real difference in someone's career. By putting forward deserving candidates, you'll play a crucial role in celebrating their achievements and inspiring others.
  4. Global Exposure: Our virtual awards span across various countries, offering a platform for women from diverse backgrounds and industries to gain international recognition.

Join us in championing women's success in business!

Women’s Business Ambassador Agreement

  1. Eligibility:
    The opportunity is open to all women from any location worldwide.
  2. Submission Period:
    There is no closing date as such, your application will be considered for the nearest upcoming awards.
  3. Compensation:
    - Ambassadors will receive an advertising space for their business on this page where they can display their logo and link back to their website.
    - Ambassadors will also receive two complimentary tickets to the Women's Business Awards finals virtual ceremony.
    - Ambassadors understand and acknowledge that they will not be compensated in any other way for their role as am ambassador.
  4. Duties:
    Ambassadors agree to the following:
    - Promote the awards on no less that 10 occasions using only official Women's Business Awards branded images.
    - Nominate at least 2 deserving businesswomen (or man for the Man of the Year Award) each week.
  5. Contact:
    For any inquiries or concerns related to the ambassador program, please contact us at [email protected]


By Women's Business Club

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