Breathe Some Life Into Your Brand Before the New Year

ByWomen's Business Club

Oct 24, 2018

There will come a time during running a business and nurturing your brand that you begin to get bored of the branding you have. You might look at other brands out there and wish you could change yours completely, but often you might be scared of the audience loss if you did change your name. However; your brand is a big part of your identity as a business and it is important you are happy with it. Here are some ways you can change things up this year for the new year.

Change your name

The first step to consider when branding yourself to something new would be your name. Is your name still in keeping with the type of business you are and the tone you want to convey? If not, it might be a good idea to brainstorm some more suitable names for your brand. If you are worried about your audience you can get them involved in the process and make a poll asking your audience which name they prefer out of a small shortlist. Getting them involved at this stage will allow them to already know you have a change in mind and it will help them to remember you once you do.

Create some fun new content

One way to change the way your audience sees you without changing the name of your brand and your logo is to start creating a new type of content. If you want to get great at SEO with an agency like this can ask them to help you create new and exciting content to draw people into your brand. If you have never made videos before now could be a great time to start, and for your brand you can make different styles of video to draw your audience closer and make your brand feel fresh.

Update the website

Your website is a huge part of your brand and the way that people see you and it is therefore super important to make sure that you keep your website up to date at all times and give your audience something new to read and engage with. This is be a good way to increase brand awareness and once you are ready you can even think about a redesign of your website for some extra oomph.

Overhaul your colour scheme

The colour scheme of a business is more important than you would like and it really sets the tone for the type of business you are. For example when you think of green and white you likely think of skincare or an eco friendly company, whereas black and orange would be a hardware store or tool company. If you want to be successful in marketing and you fancy a change, you can use online colour palettes to play around and find a new theme for your business. This can be a big drawing point and the right colours will always attract the right people.

By Women's Business Club

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