Calm In A Box – Success Story

ByWomen's Business Club

Oct 10, 2019

Since starting the business a few months ago, I have started to explore a multitude of different avenues around calm, wellbeing, self-care and resilience which has been fascinating and supported the development of my blog and Instagram page.  I’ve also personally had a very difficult year as I’m going through a divorce and am waiting on surgery for my back (slipped disc) so it’s been as much as a personal learning journey as well as a commercial one.


One of the new platforms I have been exploring is podcasts – I actually found Women’s Business Club from listening to the Focus series by Marriott Hotels hosted by Pandora Sykes 🙂  Listening to Holly Tucker, founder of Not on the High Street, on another podcast, Secret Leaders, she mentioned her new business Holly and Co where she wants to become a cheerleader for small businesses.  I then discovered her podcast, Conversations of Inspiration and through that that the ad break is sponsored by Natwest and Holly runs a competition for small businesses to submit a short advert.  The winner’s adverts are played during the ad break during the weekly podcast.

I submitted my recorded advert a few weeks ago on my return from a hospital visit for my back!  I thought that they would re-record it if I won! I was delighted to discover on Monday that I did win and Calm In A Box is the small business featured on this week’s Conversations of Inspiration podcast – no. 48! (They didn’t re-record it – but it doesn’t sound too bad!)  It made my week!

My business is Calm In A Box – gifts for a friend, colleague or loved one or just for yourself.  You can select 3, 5 or 10 gifts and we will fill a beautiful gift box with a range of lovely calming products such as candles, soaps, balms etc from a range of artisan suppliers.  The tagline is ‘send some calm with love’.  My website is and my Instagram is @calminabox.

By Women's Business Club

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