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BySarah Eddie

Jul 12, 2021 #Denver

Success in our Denver Women’s Business Club

I really love to share when our group comes together and creates a buzz over networking. Women’s Business Club is all about connecting, supporting and empowering women in business. It’s a part of our core values.

This weekend we had a great Mocha Morning with the Women’s Business Club of Denver. Some women joining us for the first time and new connections made.  I’m so pleased to share that our Denver Club is growing in popularity and I can’t wait to see where we are in the near future.


The Power of Networking

Networking is so powerful for business owners and those who are in executive positions. It takes time, imagination and effort but pays off in dividends.

Successful networking means new connections are made, new opportunities are uncovered and it’s a place to find guidance or advice from other women in business who truly understand you.

Not only is networking great for building relationships but it is also so important to build your personal brand.


Build Your Brand Through Networking

You have probably heard it over and over again that your personal brand is important for your business.  How is this achieved? How can you build your personal brand in a world where you are restricted or locked down?

Well, we are incredibly adaptable and have swiftly moved our lives onto digital platforms. Sharing content, your knowledge, your videos, and regularly posting on social media are all great ways to build your personal brand.

But sometimes just showing up, is a lot more powerful. By showing up you can:

  • Let people meet the real you.
  • Deliver your message in person.
  • Share your purpose and passion with those around you.

All this and more is the way networking in a relaxed and supportive environment, like the Women’s Business Club Mocha Morning, can benefit you and the growth of your business.


Global Networking

Why not take your networking one step further and reach out globally?

Women’s Business Club has become a global network and business women around the world have given feedback they that enjoy the virtual and hybrid meet ups. Of course this will continue.  With the tools now in place to reach our global community, and clubs springing up all over the world, consider how expanding your reach beyond your local area could benefit you and your business.

Is there a new business partner out there, or potential new clients, customers or remote team members awaiting you? Only one way to find out!

Join us for more networking in future by saving your place.


Support Business Women in your Area.

Do you want to give back, support our club and build your personal brand all at the same time?

Great! Apply to become a speaker with our club, invite your network and share your expertise to our members.

By Sarah Eddie

Sarah is the director of Scotland Women's Business Club and host of the Fearless Female Voices podcast. Find out more about how you can get featured right here on this site at

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