Empowering Excellence: Highlights and Insights from the Women’s Business Club Annual Conference in Edinburgh

ByAlekia Gill

Nov 21, 2023 #Edinburgh

This October, female founders and CEOs from across the country gathered for the Women’s Business Club’s annual conference in Edinburgh. Organised by Scottish Director Sarah Eddie, the all-day event provided a comprehensive range of business advice and ample opportunities to connect with like-minded businesswomen across sectors.

Held at the Royal College of Physicians, one of the city’s most elegant venues, an all-female lineup of experts came together to share their knowledge. The day kicked off with a pitching masterclass led by Aileen Boyle, aimed at winning over investors. Aileen emphasised that although women-owned businesses are often underfunded, it’s not because they are any less deserving of funding. She engaged with the audience, allowing them to practise their ‘elevator’ pitches, a valuable skill for any business person.

Financial Wellness Expert, Caitriona Ellis offered a fascinating workshop advising on a low-touch property strategy. Adding an income stream through property can provide not only a safety net but also financial independence, as Catriona explored. When attendees weren’t networking around a vast array of foods and refreshments, Expert Pods were available, offering one-to-one advice from experts in fields such as pensions, employment law, and negotiation. Brand Photographer, Susan Heaton provided professional headshots for those wanting to enhance their online profiles, as well as capturing beautiful candid moments from the event.

The conference attracted not only budding businesswomen but also Season 1 winner of The Traitors, Meryl-Ann Williams, and ‘mummy blogger’ Jojo Fraser, both influencers bringing a different perspective to the table. Their insights on social media, technology, and the impact on mental health proved invaluable to the day, offering lessons that many business owners might overlook.

Representatives from the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce facilitated a Speed Networking Event, providing guests with the opportunity to make connections and explore potential business opportunities in a friendly, relaxed environment.

The day concluded with the Women’s Business Club Award Ceremony, hosted by former Member of Parliament Kirstene Hair, who was also a special guest speaker. She shared her story about gaining confidence in a male-dominated industry. Award winners this year included Florence Aluu, who won the Startup Award for Flosverse Techsphere; Beth Gray, awarded Young Businesswoman of the Year; Hester McQueen for the Corporate Social Responsibility Award, and Debbie Byers, who won Female Founder of the Year. A full list of runners-up and winners can be found here.

The annual conference, held in both Scotland and England, provides businesswomen of all ages and at all stages of their journey with the opportunity to share advice, inspiration, and even just to offer a listening ear. The warm and friendly environment meant everyone could feel comfortable enough to step out of their comfort zone and put themselves out there. After COVID, many small business owners may feel isolated, with a lack of networking opportunities available. The Women’s Business Club offers a space to interact with others in the same boat, providing not just business exchange but also a chance to open up and develop connections with those always willing to offer support. An example of genuine community in the business world, the Women’s Business Club’s annual conference has once again proven to be successful and beneficial for all those in attendance. To grab tickets for the next event available in person and virtually worldwide, go to womensbusiness.club/conference


By Alekia Gill

Alekia Gill is our Editorial Assistant here at Women's Business Club. As a recent English Literature graduate from The University of Edinburgh, Alekia is dedicated to crafting compelling narratives that captivate and inspire. She is a keen lover of the arts and you'll often find her in a gallery or with her nose in a book!

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