Mastering Your Performance Review: Say Goodbye to Year-End Stress with Authentic Influence Group

ByWomen's Business Club

Nov 13, 2023

Do you love pulling together your performance review each year? Neither does almost anyone. According to a survey of Fortune 1,000 companies done by the Corporate Executive Board (CEB), 66% of the employees were strongly dissatisfied with the performance evaluations they received in their organizations. 

It is almost that time again… the boss will ask me, “how do you think you did.” 

I’ll be sitting face to face with my manager explaining why I think I did so well this year during my performance review.  

When in all honesty, I have no idea what I even worked on this year. 

It was so busy and while I feel like I did so much… at this moment – I cannot remember! 

And when I start to pull it together I realize it looks on the surface like very little…. Yikes… Have you ever felt this way? You are not alone! 

So what can you do? 

Whether it is now that you are struggling at the end of the year to pull it all together OR you want to put good habits in place so that the end of next year is a breeze consider joining the newest offer of the Authentic Influence Group. 

Our black Friday performance bonus includes a year of access to our quick shot performance review webinar, a performance review cheat sheet checklist, and our impact words for performance reviews. This alone would be an incredible start to your performance review; however we are throwing in a 40 minute 1-1 coaching call where I’ll help walk you through some tips and give some additional insights into your specific problem. 

For more information, please visit and put your name and email in the contact form with the word Performance Review. We’ll put your on the super-secret waitlist for our performance review powerhouse training! And we will make certain you feel in control of your performance review this year! 

By Women's Business Club

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