The Motherhood Chronicles Competition

📸 Women's Business Club CEO, Angela De Souza and her mum, Rosalind

We want your story mom!

Celebrate the extraordinary stories of mothers in our upcoming event, the Motherhood Chronicles Competition, hosted by the Women's Business Club! Join us for an exclusive interview series that delves into the inspiring journeys of our incredible moms and how they influenced our business journey and helped us get to where we are today!

To Enter:
  • Create an account or login on the Women's Business Club platform.
  • Write your interview with your mum (suggested interview questions below) and attached your favourite mother & daughter photo and share a post on the main feed.
  • Get the share link to your feed and submit it in the form below.

Brought to you in partnership with Mother for Life

Mandy Rees is a feminine empowerment coach and confidante. She empowers women to walk in their truth, courageously share their gifts and become the version of themselves they have been afraid to show. She champions women. Mandy's medicine is holding space for transformational conversations and confessions that mean you move forward, releasing old stories and old versions of yourself.

Writing Guidelines:
  • Authenticity Matters: Share candid and authentic stories, with honesty and vulnerability in your narrative.
  • Relevance to Professional Journey: Detail specific moments or decisions that influenced your path
  • Emphasize Learnings: Highlight transformative moments that shaped your approach to both motherhood and your professional life.
  • Celebrate Diversity: Embrace diverse narratives and experiences, recognising that every mother's journey is unique. Share cultural, personal, or professional aspects that contribute to your story.
Interview Questions: These are some suggested questions, feel free to come up with your own.
  1. Introducing yourself and your mum: Briefly introduce your mum and yourself and share a bit about your background and current professional role?
  2. Your Mum's Motherhood & Career Balance: How do you manage the balance between motherhood and your professional life? Were there specific challenges you faced in balancing these roles, and how did you overcome them?
  3. Your Mum's Influence on Professional Choices: Can you share instances where your experiences as a mother influenced your professional decisions or choices? Have there been pivotal moments where being a mother shaped your career trajectory?
  4. Your Mum's Learning and Growth: What valuable lessons have you learned through the intersection of motherhood and your professional journey? How has personal growth as a mother translated into professional development?
  5. Your Mum's Challenges and Triumphs: Can you recount a specific challenge you faced and how it ultimately contributed to your growth, both as a mother and a professional? Share a moment of triumph where the skills learned in motherhood proved beneficial in your career.
  6. Your Mum's Advice for Others: What advice would you give to other mothers navigating their professional journeys? How can other women draw strength from their experiences as mothers to excel in their careers?
  7. Your Mum's Legacy and Impact: Reflect on the legacy you hope to leave for your children through your professional accomplishments. How do you envision your influence as a mother shaping the future paths of your children?
  8. Your Mum's Words of Wisdom: Share any additional thoughts or words of wisdom you'd like to impart to the audience, especially those navigating both motherhood and a professional career.

The Prize

Your article will be featured in the Women's Business Magazine, on our website and social media during March with links back to your business. Tonnes of beautiful marketing and PR for you worth ÂŁ4,500! See competition rules below*.

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Women’s Business Club *Official Rules

  1. Eligibility:
    The competition is open to all businesswomen, whether employed or self-employed.
  2. Submission Period:
    The competition begins on 1st February 2024 and concludes on 15th March 2024.
  3. Entry Requirements:
    Entrants must submit high-resolution photos and original article.
    Entries must be submitted via this page only.
  4. Ownership and Permissions:
    Entrants must have the legal rights to the submitted photographs. By entering the competition, participants affirm that they have the necessary permissions and rights, and they grant Women’s Business Club the right to use their submitted photographs.
  5. Prizes:
    The winner will receive a featured article in Women's Business Magazine
  6. Usage of Submitted Photographs:
    Women’s Business Club reserves the right to use all submitted photographs in:
    Print materials
    Electronic publications
    General marketing materials
  7. Compensation:
    Entrants understand and acknowledge that they will not be compensated for the use of their photographs.
  8. Photo Credits:
    Women’s Business Club will make reasonable efforts to credit photos with the subject’s name and provide photography credit where possible.
  9. Judging:
    The decision of the judging panel is final.
  10. Notification of Winners:
    The winner will be notified via email in March 2024.
  11. Miscellaneous:
    Women’s Business Club reserves the right to disqualify entries that do not comply with the rules.
    Participants agree to abide by the decisions of the competition organisers.
  12. Contact:
    For any inquiries or concerns related to the competition, please contact us at [email protected] By entering the Women’s Business Club Competition, participants agree to these official rules and regulations. Women’s Business Club reserves the right to modify the rules or cancel the competition at its discretion.

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