Networking Success Secrets

The Women’s Business Club is a fast growing women’s business network. Women grow and thrive in our clubs and more often than not we see miraculous growth in their business but also in their confidence. The secret to our success is one very simple thing, relationships. We do not encourage hard selling but we do encourage the women to take time to get to know each other. The results have been phenomenal! We have seen and proven that relationships build a sustainable business. So why are relationships so powerful and what are our top networking success secrets? I believe they offer the following benefits that good old fashioned hard-selling lack:

1) Loyalty
If you are using any of the hard sales methods you might win a sale but you are unlikely to win the person. As soon as you lean in for the kill people tend to back off. It might have worked in times past but people are so accustomed to this method now that it is mostly off-putting. Taking time to develop a relationship means that you win the person and once you have won the person you have won a lifetime of sales.
People buy from people. If they like you they are more likely to buy from you. At Women’s Business Club we have worked very hard at crafting our culture around this one secret. We have seen over and over again that the women who come to our clubs simply to sell seldom make sales, give up and don’t return. But those who come and connect with the other women and get to know them are thriving because of the loyalty and support of the other members.
2) Collaboration
Relationships in business either B2B or B2C can lead to exciting ideas, partnerships, collaboration and synergy. Two are better than one. There is no business owner that is skilled in every area of business. We all have strengths and weaknesses. We all have fear and insecurities. We are all part of a great big business jigsaw puzzle. It’s obvious that if you are willing to find your fit and be part of the big picture that you will do very well.
3) Referrals
One of our top networking success secrets is to connect people with each other. Referrals are when other people use their time and effort to help you build your business. Why would someone bother to do that? They might do it if the product or service was particularly great bu then they might simply point someone to the product or service instead of directly to your business that offers the product or service. Relationships encourage referrals. Word of mouth is so powerful, especially in our social media age. If used wisely, social media can grow any business as people talk about what they love and hate on social media.
That’s it. I hope that our little story has inspired you in some way and if there is anything that I can do to support you in your business please get in touch with one of our team.
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