Women’s Business Club Launches Innovative Platform for Personal and Professional Growth

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Women’s Business Club is building a unique platform, we go beyond traditional networking, offering curated tools, training, and opportunities that propel women in diverse industries toward personal and professional growth. With a commitment to inclusivity and a vision of becoming a global force for women in business, the Women’s Business Club stands as a beacon for those who seek a supportive and innovative environment on their professional journey.

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Leader of the Month – Hande Vatandost, Istanbul

Your weakness can become your strength with time.

As an event marketing communication professional whose expertise mainly focused on event curation and marketing conference management; I firmly believe that empathy and communication skills work my way through connecting right kind of people with the right kind of business opportunities.

I believe when you see your client’s issue as your own, you become more of a creative and problem solving character and find alternative solutions. Where there is a task to be solved or a tone of voice to be designed; my job is to internalize the problem at hand and resolve it in the most efficient way. By saying efficient, I listen to my client and feel them as my friend or ally to work with; want them to reach their potential by overcoming the obstacles to make way for opportunities. I create events, I curate events, I do bring the people who share the common ground and bring them together for a greater purpose! The stage is the playground and I want to see thought leaders, influential figures on stage. Physical ambiance and one-to-one meet up’s with the right kind of people is a Bliss! Come on; let me make that happen for you, because I am here to make your desired setting get real!

Why I Love Women’s Business Club

I’ve been in contact with Women’s Business Club for some time now and the one thing that amazed me the most is to call upon every enthusiastic entrepreneur who runs their own company. It’s such an advantage for all the women who connect on this platform because they share their insights, feedback and thoughts with each other to grow exponentially. I feel joyful and excited to be part of this group, and I feel it’s going to be a great push for me to grow my own business.

New Gloucestershire Member, Lauren Malone

We all deserve to be wealthy

I always liked the idea of running a business, I wasn’t sure what I would do, and, to be honest, I thought I’d missed my chance (why do so many women feel like that?!) But then I discovered mindset and delved deep into the neuroscience and psychology of success and abundance and wow, did things change!

I started my coaching business in early 2019 when I was just pregnant with my first child (I have two now).
I was told it would be too hard to grow a successful business and a human being at the same time – but I did it…and wrote the book about it!

Flexibility in business is so important to me and I believe that we can all generate wealth without having to sacrifice the other things that make us really happy!!

In October 2022, I launched NetWalking UK, because I wanted to get out and about more and connect with other awesome local business owners, but I also needed something that worked around having a 6 month old. It’s been an amazing year, and NetWalking UK has grown to a point I am ready to get more support…that’s where Women’s Business Club comes in!!

In July ’23 I launched my podcast – Well I F**ked That Up – and that’s been so much fun too!
(fun is another really important value to me!!)

I now support service based and impact driven female solopreneurs who want to breakthrough to the £5k consistent months milestone and feel really clear and confident in the growth and direction of their business. ”

Why I Love Women’s Business Club

I believe in the phrase: We rise by lifting others and for me that’s what Women’s Business Club is all about!

Membership Highlight: MEMBER HOTLINES

This month we want to highlight to Member Hotlines – a great feature of our membership where our members get 30 minutes complimentary advice from our industry experts to support you in your business or career. 

Tax Hotline (UK & USA)

Sarah Eddie and her team are certified tax accountants who can chat through your questions and options. Your first half an hour advice is free for members and should you wish to engage our services we can offer members 15% discount for the duration of their membership.

Book your Member Hotline with Sarah

Funding Hotline

Aileen Boyle is a specialists in building companies that want to go to the next level and Investors want to Fund. Fortro can help you with future-business planning, so you get the best out of current resources, or sensibly fill the gaps, to ensure great performance that will support your funding request.

Book your Member Hotline with Aileen

HR Hotline (USA)

Nicole Craveiro founded CraveHRO in 2021 where she serves as an HR partner acting as a sounding board and offering expert guidance on employment best practices and developing and executing HR strategy to assist People Leaders in understanding workplace complexities.

Book your Member Hotline with Nicole

PR Hotline

Sophie Milliken MBE is the founder and CEO at Moja Group. Moja work with entrepreneurs and senior executives to amplify their personal profiles and become known authorities in their industries. She was awarded an MBE for services to Business and to Education in the 2023 New Year honours list.

Take a free quiz to see where your PR profile is

Leadership Hotline

Sarah Morgan is the founder of Luceat Consulting and Coaching where she provides services to organisations who are in scale up, enabling them to get the right balance with Operational Processes, Technology and Leadership. Bringing 3 decades of experience in Operations leadership and business transformation.

Book your Member Hotline with Sarah

Offer a Hotline

If you are a member and would like to offer you expertise in the form of a hotline please contact Angela, or a non-member wanting to join us and offer a hotline find out more here.

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