You’ve Been Charging Your Phones Incorrectly All This Time

In a report from The Mirror, experts have revealed how to prolong the battery life of most modern phones and tablets. 

Most phone users are in the habit of putting their phones on to charge overnight ready for the next day but studies have revealed that this is not the best way to charge your phone, in fact, fully charging to 100 percent is not best for your phone at all. Other myths have been highlighted too like the one where we’re told that it’s good to allow the battery to completely run down from time to time. This too is not actually best for your phone as it will wear the battery down more quickly.

Charging up your phone or tablet to 100 percent puts high voltage stress on the battery, are you charging your phone correctly? via @BristolPost  Tweet This!

So what is best? The study has revealed that keeping your phone’s battery between 65  and 75 percent is best for your phone’s battery life. 

Read the full article at Bristol Post.

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