3 Things You Can Do as Well as the Guys

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It’s 2021 and the world is very different than it was even 10 years ago. In a time of equal rights movements, gender fluidity and dwindling stereotypes, it’s time to shed all of the common misconceptions that society and indeed yourself thinks.

Women in careers that are traditionally filled by men are nothing new, but more and more females are now joining professions that are seen as male roles and doing it just as well, if not better than male counterparts in some cases.

While there are literally hundreds of things we could list and look at here, some of the top professions currently being undertaken by women include:

  • Mechanic
  • Cop
  • Footballer

It’s been a long-standing stereotype that women know nothing about vehicles and machines which just isn’t true while female police bring a unique approach to the job and women’s football is now bigger than ever.

I’ll Release that Torque Bolt for You

We’ve all heard that women can’t drive, which obviously isn’t true, there are just bad male drivers and bad female drivers alike. This outdated view is further compounded by the belief that women know nothing about cars which is just ridiculous. You either know about something or you don’t, regardless of your gender.

Whether you want to work on classic restorations or flipping vans for sale now is a great time to learn the trade or start your own business, however, there are some things such as equal pay, unwanted attention and still outdated attitudes that are still a problem for the just 2% of women who are mechanics.

Don’t Call Me Baby

Being a police officer is one of the noblest causes a person can pursue. Helping those in need, responding to emergencies and clearing your local area of those who would do harm to others is a tough job and requires a lot of passion, but it is one well worth doing.

Despite some of the stories about sexism in the law enforcement services, female police officers are a growing trend and women as cops are an excellent addition that can provide an outside perspective on a given situation. Domestic abuse cases, for example, can be handled more delicately by women who understand the issue rather than well-intended male cops who might not.

Anything You Can Do…

The past few years have seen women’s soccer take off in a big way with over a billion viewers annually for fixtures involving all-female teams. While the pay gap and perceived skills are still something to be desired when compared with that of the men, getting a start in football and being successful as a female has never been easier. Many male players, pundits and fans alike often sing the praises of the beautiful female game and compare the dedication, skill and talent to that of the traditional men’s leagues. 

However, the sport still has a long way to go despite FIFA’s dedication to the growing trend. For example, during the current pandemic, 69% of female professional footballers complained that they weren’t even contacted to be informed of any changes that were due to happen during lockdown procedures while their male counterparts were informed of everything from canceled matches to how they will be paid.



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