5 Benefits of Adding a Local Phone Number to Your Business

ByWomen's Business Club

Feb 16, 2021

For your business to run smoothly, clients need to know they can reach you regardless of time and place. At first, most businesses ignore the need for a local phone number. You probably won’t see the need for one until your business gets a few clients.

Once your business experiences growth, many phone calls will be coming in, and a local phone number will be beneficial in the following ways:

Clients know you’re local

Consumers like working with local businesses and supporting them. When you have a local phone number, clients do not doubt that they’re calling a business within their area code. It establishes trust, and clients find you appealing when you present yourself as a warm and friendly business near them.

Multiple features

A local phone number gives you access to exclusive features. If you settle on virtual landlines, you can add or reduce phone numbers and forward calls to multiple devices at a go. You can create professional voicemails and greeting messages for your clients. Also, your service provider can make any other custom changes that you may need to suit your business.

Another feature that makes having a local phone number beneficial is notifications for incoming calls and call screening. Regardless of your global location, you can make or take inbound and outbound calls.

More professionalism

A local phone number that is dedicated to your business enables you to build your brand consistently. You do not have to worry about which number is on a particular listing when you have a local business number. Also, you won’t lose business if you switch from one cell phone number to another.

In business, ethics is pointless without professionalism. Clients expect you to be timely, pick their calls, and give fast responses. With a local phone number, clients trust that you are reachable and can provide exceptional customer support.

For those who may be planning to sell local businesses, such as cafes, buyers may call up to act as a ‘mystery customer’ to see what your customer service is like, both over the phone and in-person – this is especially important if you’ve listed the cafe for sale with a large business broker. Be sure someone is always there to answer in a polite and helpful manner.


Local phone numbers are affordable and sometimes free. You only require to make payment when calling. When clients make the calls, it is free on your end. When you receive international or regional calls in the business, you can take them from any part of the world at any time, virtually and at no cost through your local number.

Separates personal and business communications

A local phone number allows you to keep your business and personal life separate. You no longer have to give your private phone number on all platforms. A local phone number makes it possible to tell a client’s call from that of a friend or relative.

A local business number enables you to have business hours and keep your customers in the know. Although clients can reach you easily during business hours, once you go home for the day, they can receive a message to inform them you are closed.

Bottom Line

Once you understand the benefits of a local phone number, you will expand your reach by adding one to the business. You can use it virtually with overseas clients or reach more local customers when they see you’re within their area code. It also gives you additional advantages such as consistency, cost efficiency, multiple features, and separates your personal and business communications.



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