Pay What You Can to Create Your 2024 Business Strategy 

ByWomen's Business Club

Oct 16, 2023

Over and over again – I see businesses around the world who are running their business in chaos. 

No plan. 

No strategy. 

No goals.

Just chaos. 

You see, the hard truth is that running a business is hard. Really hard. 

Angela Henderson has helped thousands of businesses around the world create a personalized business strategy, master their mindset and make more money – so that business owners around the world can wake up and love life every single day. 

Angela has realized over the years that business doesn’t have to be hard and chaotic – in fact, it can be light and easy when you have a business strategy. 

Angela says… ⁣

✨ A dream written down with a date becomes a GOAL.⁣

✨ A goal broken down into steps becomes a PLAN.⁣

✨ A plan backed by ACTION becomes a REALITY.⁣

If you are ready to stop wasting your time and kick some serious business butt in 2024 then join her live 2 Hour Strategy and Goal Planning Workshop! (best part it’s pay what you can!)

2 hours of live advice to help you get off the confused train and get the clarity you need to propel your business forward! And finally, make some traction!

In this live workshop, Angela will dive deep into the importance of setting effective goals and creating a solid plan for your business. I’m not talking about fairy floss, unrealistic goals that leave you feeling defeated. Nope, she’s going to get real and make sure those goals are achievable. 

Grab your spot here


Here are the details:

Choose from two convenient session times:

🗓️ Tuesday, 14th November, 1 pm – 3 pm 

🗓️ Thursday, 16th November, 10 am – 12 pm


In these two hours, you’ll walk away with:

👉 A customized map of your business goals, so you never waste time on ineffective ideas.

👉 Precise next steps to start your day knowing exactly what to do.

👉 A laser-sharp to-do list to say goodbye to overwhelm.

👉 Your 90-day plan on paper, leaving no doubts about your direction.

👉 A clear path to sustainable, strategic growth, helping you create the business and life you desire.

👉Bonus Business Strategy and Goals Review – she will personally review your plan and provide strategic ideas and feedback to help you move forward with your next steps in business.

Spots are limited.

Grab your spot now by clicking here.

COST – Pay What You Can! In light of the current climate, Angela wants businesses around the world to have access to this valuable workshop, enabling them to create more wealth in their world at a price they can comfortably afford.

Here’s to straight-shooting advice to move the needle!

To your success.

P.S. Can’t attend live? No worries! This session will be recorded for your convenience. 

P.S.S You’re also receiving an exclusive FREE bonus—a personalized review of your business strategy and goals! 

That’s right, Angela Henderson herself will personally review your plan and provide you with the essential next steps to ensure you gain momentum and move forward confidently into 2024.

No more second-guessing or stumbling in the dark. It’s time for a clear and focused roadmap for your business.

Limited to the first 100. 


By Women's Business Club

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