How to Add Emojis to Infusionsoft Email Subject

I heard a chuckle then a loud, "I told you so!" coming from my daughter who was sitting in our living room playing on the Xbox while I watched a webinar hosted by a well-respected marketing guru. She overheard him saying that we need to use emojis in our email marketing. Grrrr I thought, I find emojis so annoying but see his point as he showed how his email amidst a sea of emails stood out with his emoji in the subject line. My ten-year-old daughter is the emoji queen - she practically communicates in emojis and Gifs only and she, of course, was thrilled to hear that I had to start using them now too, even in my professional emails! A little side secret, my daughter does some work for me for some pocket money, you will be amazed at what a ten-year-old can do these days! When I was teaching her about emailing I told her, "Now don't use emoji's like you usually do, this email needs to be done professionally." Now, who has egg on their face!

According to Send Pulse:

Including emoji in email subject lines leads to a 56% higher open rate compared to text-based subject lines.

  • The black sunΒ β˜€Β increases open rates by 15%, and it is one of the most popular smileys.
  • The umbrella emojiΒ β˜‚Β improves open rates by 50%.

So I admit defeat and have embraced the use of emojis! πŸ™‚

Emojis for email subject lines.My next challenge was to figure out how to add emojis to my email subject lines in Infusionsoft! Since I battled with this I thought other Infusionsoft users might too, so here is a quick solution for you with some of the most popular emojis. Simply copy and paste the code, not the image, into your Infusionsoft email subject line and it will produce the desired emoji!

πŸ˜€Β  =?UTF-8?B?8J+YgA==?=

🀣 =?UTF-8?B?8J+kow==?=

πŸ˜‰Β =?UTF-8?B?8J+YiQ==?=

😍 =?UTF-8?B?8J+YjQ==?=

🀩 =?UTF-8?B?8J+kqQk=?=

😘 =?UTF-8?B?8J+YmA==?=

😝 =?UTF-8?B?8J+YnQ==?=

😎 =?UTF-8?B?8J+Yjg==?=

😲 =?UTF-8?B?8J+Ysg==?=

πŸ˜₯ =?UTF-8?B?8J+YpQ==?=

πŸ€” =?UTF-8?B?8J+klA==?=

😈 =?UTF-8?B?8J+YiA==?=

😸 =?UTF-8?B?8J+YuA==?=

πŸ™ˆ =?UTF-8?B?8J+ZiA==?=

πŸ’‹ =?UTF-8?B?8J+Siw==?=

❀ =?UTF-8?B?4p2k?=

πŸ‘Œ =?UTF-8?B?8J+RjA==?=

πŸ‘‡ =?UTF-8?B?8J+Rhw==?=

πŸ‘ =?UTF-8?B?8J+RjQ==?=

πŸ‘Š =?UTF-8?B?8J+Rig==?=

πŸ™ =?UTF-8?B?8J+Zjw==?=

πŸ™‹ =?UTF-8?B?8J+Ziw==?=

🀷 =?UTF-8?B?8J+ktw==?=

🌷 =?UTF-8?B?8J+Mtw==?=

⭐ =?UTF-8?B?4q2Q?=

🌞 =?UTF-8?B?8J+Mng==?=

β˜‚ =?UTF-8?B?4piC?=

❄ =?UTF-8?B?4p2E?=

🍰 =?UTF-8?B?8J+NsA==?=

πŸ₯‚ =?UTF-8?B?8J+lgg==?=

β˜• =?UTF-8?B?4piV?=

πŸ“† =?UTF-8?B?8J+Thg==?=

✈ =?UTF-8?B?4pyI?=

πŸ“’ =?UTF-8?B?8J+Tog==?=

🎁 =?UTF-8?B?8J+OgQ==?=

πŸŽ— =?UTF-8?B?8J+Olw==?=

🎟 =?UTF-8?B?8J+Onw==?=

πŸŽ– =?UTF-8?B?8J+Olg==?=

πŸ‘  =?UTF-8?B?8J+RoA==?=

πŸ“Ί =?UTF-8?B?8J+Tug==?=

πŸŽ„ =?UTF-8?B?8J+OhA==?=

πŸŽƒ =?UTF-8?B?8J+Ogw==?=

πŸŽ€ =?UTF-8?B?8J+OgA==?=

🐦 =?UTF-8?B?8J+Qpg==?=

πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ =?UTF-8?B?8J+kpuKAjeKZgO+4jw==?=

🐀 =?UTF-8?B?8J+QpA==?=

To create more emojis that are not above read this fantastic article over at Daniel Bussius Consulting.

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