Women’s Business Club Acquires Netwalking, Founded by Lauren Malone

Women's Business Club is thrilled to announce the successful acquisition of Netwalking, the brainchild of entrepreneur Lauren Malone. This strategic move reflects Women's Business Club's commitment to expanding its offerings and providing enhanced opportunities for businesswomen globally.

Launched by Lauren Malone and her dedicated team of leaders, Netwalking has quickly gained recognition for its innovative approach to networking and community building. Angela De Souza, Founder & CEO of Women's Business Club, expressed her admiration for the exceptional work done by Lauren and her team.

"Lauren and her team of leaders have done a fantastic job with setting up and running Netwalking, and we are honoured to be given this opportunity to include it in our offering of events globally," stated Angela De Souza. "We believe that Netwalking aligns perfectly with our mission to empower and connect businesswomen. Lauren has joined us as a member of Women's Business Club, and we are excited to work closely with her to ensure that Netwalking becomes a great success and an additional benefit for businesswomen."

The acquisition marks a significant milestone for Women's Business Club as it continues to strengthen its position as a leading platform for professional women. The integration of Netwalking into the club's portfolio of events will provide members with a unique and impactful way to network, collaborate, and foster meaningful connections.

Lauren Malone expressed her enthusiasm about the acquisition, stating, "I am so excited to be merging NetWalking UK with Women's Business Club. NetWalking is a supportive and relaxed way to network, plus it's good for you! The supportive and uplifting nature of NetWalking meant Women's Business Club was the perfect group to partner with to get NetWalking out to the world."

As Women's Business Club and Netwalking embark on this new chapter together, the organisations are poised to create a synergistic blend of resources, expertise, and opportunities for their members.

Find out more about Netwalking at womensbusiness.club/netwalking

Netwalking isn't just an event; it's a movement towards a more dynamic, healthier, and connected professional lifestyle. Whether you're a CEO, entrepreneur, or an aspiring professional, Netwalking welcomes you to step into a new era of networking.

Join us!
As we launch Netwalking, we invite you to break free from the traditional networking mould. Embrace the outdoors, foster genuine connections, and elevate your professional journey with every step. Netwalking is not just a walk in the park – it's a stride towards success. Join us in this exciting venture, and let's walk our way to a future of prosperous connections and well-being!

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