Global Women’s Business Awards 2023 Recognizes Outstanding Achievements in Business Leadership

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Dec 7, 2023

The Global Women’s Business Awards 2023, held on the Women’s Business Club virtual platform on the 6th and 7th of December, celebrated remarkable women in business, showcasing their outstanding contributions and accomplishments.

Businesswoman of the Year – Sponsored by Banct

The prestigious title of Businesswoman of the Year, sponsored by Banct, was awarded to Beth Gray of PlayerData Limited. Beth’s exceptional leadership and innovative contributions to the business world stood out among a highly competitive field.

Runners Up:

  1. Tamsin Haley – Social Happiness
  2. Zoe Merchant – Bright

The event, organised by the Women’s Business Club, brought together a diverse group of talented and accomplished women from various sectors. The judging panel of 20 independent judges highlighted the tough competition and the exceptionally high calibre of entries. See the full winners list at

Angela De Souza, founder and CEO, expressed her admiration for the participants, stating, “The judges’ feedback was that this was the toughest competition yet, with the calibre of entries incredibly high. It is a great honour for me to be able to champion these incredible women and showcase them as they represent their country on our global stage.”

The Global Women’s Business Awards serve as a platform to recognise and celebrate the achievements of women who have demonstrated exemplary leadership, innovation, and success in the business world.

Recognising and honouring the achievements of women in business through awards is a powerful catalyst for empowerment and positive change. Awards not only acknowledge individual accomplishments but also serve as a collective recognition of the invaluable contributions that women make to the global business landscape. By spotlighting successful women entrepreneurs, leaders, and innovators, these awards challenge traditional gender norms and inspire the next generation of female leaders.

The significance of awards for women extends beyond the individual honourees. They contribute to the creation of role models, showcasing diverse paths to success and breaking down barriers. As more women are acknowledged for their excellence, it sends a clear message that gender should never be a barrier to achieving professional success. This recognition fosters a supportive environment that encourages women to pursue their ambitions, take on leadership roles, and contribute their unique perspectives to various industries.

Awards for women in business contribute to a more inclusive and diverse business landscape. As these accomplishments are celebrated on a global stage, it promotes the idea that a diverse workforce leads to greater innovation and success. By highlighting the achievements of women, these awards actively contribute to dismantling gender stereotypes, fostering equality, and creating a more inclusive business environment where talent is recognized and rewarded irrespective of gender.

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By Women's Business Club

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