Photo of Dionne Popplestone, previous winner, photographed by Liv Pix Photography

We want your photos!

Join us on our mission to support and empower our business community by using your photos in all our marketing in 2024. We are committed to ditching stock photos and inviting you to be the face of our brand. We will give you full credit and tag where possible and if you used a photographer they too will get credits and tags.

We want to see you in your work clothing, relaxing with friends or your pet, anything that you feel best represents your true self.

The Prize

Yes there’s a prize too. You will win a marketing & PR package worth £3,000 for both the photographer and businesswoman each. There is a public voting round but winners aren’t selected purely on votes, a panel of judges will make the final decision. See competition rules below*.

The Entries

Women’s Business Club Photo Contest: *Official Rules

  1. Eligibility:
    The contest is open to all businesswomen, whether employed or self-employed.
    Photographers may submit entries on behalf of their clients, provided they have obtained suitable permission to do so.
  2. Submission Period:
    The contest begins on 1st March 2024 and concludes on 31st May 2024.
  3. Entry Requirements:
    Entrants must submit high-resolution professional photos.
    There is no limit to the number of entries as long as each photo is sufficiently different.
    Entries must be submitted via this page only.
  4. Ownership and Permissions:
    Entrants must have the legal rights to the submitted photographs.
    Photographers submitting entries on behalf of clients must ensure they have obtained explicit permission from the individuals featured in the photos.
    By entering the contest, participants affirm that they have the necessary permissions and rights, and they grant Women’s Business Club the right to use their submitted photographs.
  5. Prizes:
    The winner will receive a marketing & PR package valued at £3,000.
  6. Usage of Submitted Photographs:
    Women’s Business Club reserves the right to use all submitted photographs in:
    Print materials
    Electronic publications
    General marketing materials
  7. Compensation:
    Entrants understand and acknowledge that they will not be compensated for the use of their photographs.
  8. Photo Credits:
    Women’s Business Club will make reasonable efforts to credit photos with the subject’s name and provide photography credit where possible.
  9. Judging:
    The decision of the judging panel is final.
  10. Notification of Winners:
    The winner will be notified via email in February 2024.
  11. Miscellaneous:
    Women’s Business Club reserves the right to disqualify entries that do not comply with the rules.
    Participants agree to abide by the decisions of the contest organizers.
  12. Contact:
    For any inquiries or concerns related to the contest, please contact us at [email protected] entering the Women’s Business Club Photo Contest, participants agree to these official rules and regulations. Women’s Business Club reserves the right to modify the rules or cancel the contest at its discretion.

By Women's Business Club

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