Starting A Business From Your Home? Invest In These 5 Things For Success 

ByWomen's Business Club

Mar 24, 2022

Launching a business can be a daunting prospect, and many budding entrepreneurs choose to start their businesses in their homes to test the waters. Running a business from your home means that you won’t have the expenses associated with renting business premises, and it allows you to fit your business work schedule around your home life.  

It is essential to be aware of the extra costs that may arise from launching a business at home. You will need insurance that covers your business in the event of an issue, permission from your local council and more. You will also need to invest in the right equipment and other business items to have the best chance at success.  

Build A Garden Office 

Thanks to the massive increase in people working from home over the last two years, garden offices have become a major trend. These are shed-like structures that act as an office space, allowing people to work from home in peace without the distractions of a busy family home. They are often heated and have electricity to ensure the occupant can work comfortably and productively.  

You can get pre-made garden offices from a range of suppliers in the UK. You could also build your own garden office if your business requires a more specialised workspace. It is vital to ensure you ask for and obtain planning permission for your garden office before you begin construction.  

Get The Fastest Internet 

The vast majority of business is conducted online nowadays, meaning you will need fast and reliable internet to keep your business connected. You should shop around with different providers to find the best deals and learn about what makes for the best quality internet speed and connection.  

Make A Website 

You will need a professionally made website to showcase your products or services. It is best to use a website design agency that can build you a quality website that offers the best aesthetic and user functionality. Look at an agency’s case studies and reviews to find the best possible fit. Visionsharp is a web design agency Manchester that offer affordable rates for small and medium businesses, ideal for first time at-home entrepreneurs.  

Find An Accountant 

You will need to keep tight control over your finances to become profitable, and an accountant will be able to help you keep your books in order.  As a business owner, you will be self-employed, so your accountant will be able to help you navigate the complexities of tax for the self-employed. Look for a local accountant who will be there when you need them and who has experience working with individuals in a similar position to yourself.  

Take Out Business Insurance 

Your usual home insurance will likely not cover your business, so you will need to invest in suitable business insurance. There is a range of insurance options available, so it is worth checking with multiple providers to find the one that will give you the best peace of mind.

By Women's Business Club

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