With The Playbook Flagship, Financial Wellbeing & Leadership For Women Takes Centrestage

ByWomen's Business Club

Aug 17, 2023

Leading network for global women leaders, PLAYBOOK, connects members in MENA through invite-based immersive learning experiences

MENA: Unstoppable momentum sees PLAYBOOK, a leading edtech app and network, bring together 200 women leaders from 4 countries representing 10 nationalities to attend 2 specially curated Flagship experiences. PLAYBOOK is dedicated to accelerating career and personal growth for women. The Flagship experiences provide a unique opportunity for attendees to learn, do and collaborate. It has been a celebration of community and leadership. The attendees are able to expand their little black books, access exclusive speaker sessions, and dive into immersive learning experiences. It is an extension of the digital career ecosystem being built out by this unique fully-female founded tech platform.

Curated sessions by keynote speakers lie at the core of the learning experiences at these sessions. The themes of focus have been around financial wellbeing, networking and leadership. Steering Committee Member of 2022 Female Angels – Yasmin Rose, shared the journey into the art of angel investing. With a commitment to enable every woman to be master of her own wealth, the session awakened curiosity and interest from the leaders in attendance. This was followed by an incredible showcase from 3 Female Founders. Attendees were given mock-cheques valued at $10,000 from the Playbook Future Female Fund to invest in the Founders through a simulation round.
Renowned Economist and Chief Inspiration Officer & Founder of MENA Speakers – Saana Azzam, captivated the audience with the fundamentals of showing up for yourself in a conversation and networking with intention. Leveraging her training as an economist and strategic thinker, she shared verbal & non-verbal cues to create a lasting impression. Attendees were then involved in a networking bingo experience, with a twist that set the room buzzing with several cross-market connections made in under 30mins. This includes members that drove in from neighbouring countries on a 5 hour journey or flew in from neighbouring states specially for this intention!

PLAYBOOK has a proven track record of working with incredible industry leaders. Through a collaborative approach to actualise goals with their partners in the MENA region, this exclusive event serves as a networking and immersive learning mixer. Asia Jewellers, led by their Founding Member Mayyan Jaffar was the leading partner for the first Flagship. BMMI group was the leading partner for the second Flagship reinforcing its commitment to diversity in leadership. The event provides a unique platform for women professionals to network, attend informative speaker sessions, and participate in immersive learning experiences. The speaker sessions feature influential women leaders in different industries sharing their insights and experiences on a range of topics relevant to professional/personal development. The immersive learning experiences allows attendees to develop new skills and build their knowledge in a hands-on, interactive setting.
The success of such experiences underscores the platform’s influence in connecting and elevating the discussion around women in leadership and women’s financial literacy. It serves as a testament to Playbook’s commitment to providing a supportive environment that enables women to accelerate their growth, acquire new skills, and create lasting professional connections. Join their next Flagship event and be positioned as a supporter of diversity in leadership and equitable progress. For more information about them, visit get-playbook.com

By Women's Business Club

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