Women in Business Changing the World with Lunch

Celebrating the past, the present and looking ahead to the future!

On the 25th Jan 2023 – there was a history-making moment for the books for us at Women’s Business Club and for businesswomen of the UK. In Edinburgh, Scotland, and Cheltenham, England we celebrated 10 years of empowering women to succeed in business, by doing just that!

We gathered women from around the region to join us in relaunching the Business Lunch event lost to Covid. An event that has been integral to connecting, supporting, and empowering businesswomen for as long as we can remember. I myself have been a part of this specific event since its conception in 2013 and it has paved the way for me to become all I am today!

SO I AM SO EXCITED to share the highlights of the day and let you know how YOU can become a part of this incredible community of inspiring businesswomen.

Let’s change the world!

One of the biggest takeaways for myself was the impact of hearing so many of the women in attendance stating their intention – to change the world with their business! There were so many incredible, innovative, and much-needed businesses in attendance (including a few different coaches 😉 #HadToBeThere), and loved hearing from each of them as we went around the table. I wholeheartedly believe that each of these women could, and should change the world 🔥

After a delicious lunch, we settled in to hear from the Founder and CEO of Women’s Business Club, Angela De Souza who shared the story, vision, and values of the company. All it has achieved over the last 10 years was beautifully presented in charts, graphs, animations, and pretty pictures of inspiring businesswomen, fulfilling their potential.

It was such a celebration, but also incredibly inspiring and I believe ignited a spark in each of us to persevere, to keep going with that dream and that vision that drives us, and to build powerful community, intentional kindness, disruptive generosity, strategic collaborations and to become courageous leaders.

If you didn’t already want to change the world when you came in, you sure will leave that way!

The ‘Wonderbra’

Definitely the highlight of the event! And you’ll be relieved to hear, doesn’t actually involve bras – rather a chance to lift and support one another in business.

We had a powerful time of brainstorming, problem-solving, troubleshooting, and asking some life-changing questions (Shout out to all those coaches in the room!)

Bring a little bit of vulnerability here, and you’ll be received by a room of women eager to help, to share their expertise – it’s like your success is their success! We’re all in this together – and you got this! Barriers are smashed here, directional decisions are made here, we learn, we grow and we are empowered to succeed in business.

But don’t just take my word for it…

Sandra Holliday, Mayor of Cheltenham

“It was a pleasure to be invited by Angela to the Women’s Business Club 10th Anniversary Lunch.

It was so enjoyable to learn more about what the Women’s Business Club can offer their members in terms of business support and development,  and to hear about the businesses that these inspiring ladies are involved in and to hear their back stories.”

Get involved

“An uplifting and supportive space for women to become even more successful in their business. I really enjoyed it and came away inspired.” – Mary McGuire

Join us at a Coffee & Coworking or Business Lunch near you. Find out more at www.womensbusiness.club/events

If you can’t find anything near to you yet, why don’t explore leading one yourself, it’s a super simple model and anyone can do it. Take a look at www.womensbusiness.club/leaders

Here we go, to 2023 and beyond!


Photography by Meg Anderson

Gloucestershire Portrait & Headshot Photographer

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By Lorah-Kelly Beard

Lorah-Kelly is Creative Director for Women's Business Club, using her skills and talents to empower women to succeed in business. With two young daughters, Lorah is passionate about creating a world where women and girls are empowered. With a lot in her heart and mind, pen to paper (or rather fingers to keyboard!) is her way of connecting to the world, and finding that creative outlet. Find out more about how you can get featured right here on this site at www.womensbusiness.club/media-pack

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