Expert Panel on Pitching Strategies Announced for the Women’s Business Club Conference

ByWomen's Business Club

Mar 17, 2023

Get Pitch Perfect (No Singing Required)

Attention all professional women! Are you looking to improve your pitching skills? Do you want to overcome the systemic barriers that women entrepreneurs face in the business world? Then look no further than the upcoming Women’s Business Club Conference, featuring a “Get Pitch Perfect” panel of leading experts in the field of investing.

The statistics are staggering: only 2% of female founders receive venture capital funding. This statistic highlights the significant challenges faced by women in the business world, including gender bias, limited access to networks, and unequal access to resources. The lack of funding not only discourages female-led businesses but also hinders the growth of the economy. As women, we need to address this issue and support one another in achieving our full potential.

The “Get Pitch Perfect” panel will provide attendees with valuable insights and strategies for delivering a successful pitch. Featuring leading experts in the field of investing, the panel will include Angela De Souza, CEO of Women’s Business Club, Sarah Eddie, Director of SE Tax Professionals, and Aileen Boyle of Fortro Ltd. Whether you’re seeking investment, trying to win new clients, or simply looking to inspire your team, a great pitch can make all the difference.

As Aileen Boyle of Fortro Ltd noted, “To affect change, you have to be part of the change, and I am so excited to be part of this event, designed specifically to help women entrepreneurs break through the barriers in a safe and empowering environment.”

The “Get Pitch Perfect” panel is just one of the many highlights of the Women’s Business Club Conference, which will feature a full day of workshops, talks, and networking opportunities. Other topics to be covered at the conference include marketing strategies, branding, leadership, and more.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn from and network with successful women in business. To learn more about the Women’s Business Club Conference, submit a pitch deck, and register for the event, please visit

Let’s break through those systemic barriers and show the world what professional women are capable of!

By Women's Business Club

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