Worldwide Cities Are Failing Women

BySarah Eddie

Oct 27, 2021 #Denver, #Glasgow

Large Global Cities are Failing Career and Business Women.

A recent Bloomberg Businessweek analysis of the safety of women in 15 cities worldwide has drawn some attention.

The results show that these large cities are failing women in many aspects.

After the abduction, rape, and murder of young Sarah Everard in London, a movement of women, and men, drew attention to the desperate need to make cities safer for young women.

Why is it that women in the larger cities worldwide are at such high risk to their safety?

The Devil is in the Detail. 

The Bloomberg study rated their analysis of these cities on five areas:

  • Safety
  • Mobility
  • Maternity provisions
  • Equality
  • Wealth

Personal experiences shared by senior professional women supported the findings in each category.

Inequality is our Enemy.

The results highlighted that social, economic, and cultural inequalities still pose the biggest problem in creating a safer place for women.

Gender discrimination, sexual harassment, and lack of opportunities for women are obstacles to change. The Global COVID pandemic has created setbacks to women’s progress.

Change is Going to Come.

Leslie Kern, the author of Feminist City: Claiming Space in a Man-Made World, states that men design many cities for men. She believes that we must make changes to accommodate women more in public so that the culture of a city would also begin to change.

Pascale Lapland, a French urban innovation lab co-founder of Genre et Ville, believes that “women should play a more central role in defining and demanding their right to safe public spaces and transport.”

Our Voices Must be Heard.

I am reluctant to say, “what can we do?” As women, we are already weary of hearing ways we can make ourselves safer.

Instead, I pose the question, how can we make our voices heard? We must share our opinions, stories, thoughts, contributions, and votes. Our choices matter.

Women’s Business Club to Bring Change

At the Women’s Business Club we believe deeply in our core values.  We believe that we can change the world and make it a better place for women.

Our Values Are:

  • Connect, support and Empower Women around the world.
  • Creating a Powerful Community.
  • Strategic Collaboration.
  • Intentional Kindness.
  • Courageous Leadership.
  • Disruptive Generosity.

To be a part of our movement join your nearest club or become involved in our annual global conference and awards.

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By Sarah Eddie

Sarah is the director of Scotland Women's Business Club and host of the Fearless Female Voices podcast. Find out more about how you can get featured right here on this site at

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