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M&M Promotions work closely with our clients to understand their business, their customers and the marketing strategy. With that information we are able proactively suggest and help to plan a promotional merchandise campaign that is individually tailored to your business. We started out selling mugs pens and rulers, and we still sell a lot of those items, but we were getting so many enquiries asking for products ‘next week’ we realised that companies were planning their marketing budgets and forgetting about the merchandise. With some careful planning it is easy to incorporate your merchandise needs into your marketing plan.

How long have you been a member of the Women’s Business Club and why did you join?

I joined last May, I had purposefully avoiding networking events up until then as I couldn’t see how they could help my business, I honestly thought my time would be better spent trying to generate leads and customers from my desk. However I happened to speak to Angela for some advice after a particularly bad business experience, and she suggested I go to a Mastermind session, I had no idea how much support I could get from regular networking.

How does your local club help you and your business as well as your connection to the national network?

Running your own business can be lonely at time, the Women’s Business Club not only fills that gap, it offers real information and business advice, not only from the great speakers every month, but also from fellow members. The Mastermind sessions have forced me to look into areas of my business I avoided – and it is growing stronger by the day because of it.

What have you gained thus far from the Women’s Business Club and what do you still hope to achieve?

I have been on a very sharp learning curve so far with the Women’s Business Club, I am now looking forward to giving a little back.

What would you say to others who are considering joining the Mastermind Boardroom but are not sure what to expect?

If you are ready to move your business to the next level, the Mastermind Boardroom is absolutely worth it’s weight in gold – It’s like having your own board of directors. I have dissected my business– written a marketing plan, and am about to rewrite my business plan. You not only agree to complete a KPI each month, but also look at the reasons why this is the right KPI for your business. The female mastermind colleagues are brutally honest, they will not hesitate to tell you if your monthly goals are unachievable, which is really important – setting realistic goals will grow your business more quickly and make it stronger, simply because you will achieve them each month, and just in case you forget you will be reminded of them halfway through the month. I have to confess the month homework was to bring along a cash flow I was up until 2am the night before writing it, but I don’t know how I ran my business without it.

Chani Martin

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Hi my name is Nikita! I am 21 years old and am currently studying for an English Literature degree, at the University of Gloucestershire. I enjoy reading, baking and playing the piano! I came to the Women's Business Club as an intern and my current role at the is PR Assistant where I pretty much support wherever I can.

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