Local Business Woman Does it in Her Pyjamas

ByAngela De Souza

Sep 25, 2015

I-Did-it-in-My-Pyjamas-Large-236x360BUSINESSWOMAN AND AUTHOR, Angela De Souza, has done it again by penning her 27th book entitled I Did it in my Pyjamas which was released at an unusual launch part on 29th October at Pepper Crescent in Cheltenham.  All were welcome to attend this launch party as long as they wore their pyjamas!

Angela De Souza says, “There are few rules when it comes to setting up and growing a successful business, and even some of those can be broken if they stifle your creativity or approach to working.

In this book she shares her journey of how she built the Women’s Business Club from nothing to the huge national success it is today, nuts, bolts and all. Angela has written a book that is quite unlike other books about starting and growing a business – though packed with tips and advice it is not so much of a ‘how to do it’ but rather a ‘how I did it’. In a style that is both accessible and refreshing, she covers topics such as facing opposition, raising children, tackling fear and managing depression while building a business. The book is candid, honest and packed with tips on how she did it in her pyjamas!

Other titles by Angela include Emotional Gravity, Being You and her one and only fiction work called Christian and Arabella.

Book Signings & Talks

Angela is available to do a book signing and/or a talk at your event.

I Did it in my Pyjamas - Angela De Souza Angela signing books this morning at the Local Business Roadshow! #ididitinmypyjamas


By Angela De Souza

I am a female founder CEO and I know what it took to get to where I am today even though I am still far from where I want to be. It's been a lonely journey. There are very few other female founders that I have managed to chat with, learn from and grow with. So rather than feeling sorry for myself, I decided to build my own super network with women just like me and those further ahead in the journey who are willing to share their wisdom and experience with us. Find out more at womensbusiness.club and angeladesouza.com