The 2022 Women’s Business Awards Finalists announced

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Sep 1, 2022


We are extremely proud to announce the Finalists of the 2022 Women’s Business Awards! 

For the past decade, these Awards have recognised the top businesswomen from across the country. They shine a light on the outstanding achievements and successes of women who have started a business as well as women who are advancing in their careers.

Founder and CEO, Angela De Souza says, “I am always amazed at the impact that our Women’s Business Conference & Awards has on individuals, businesses and the county in general. Something ‘special’ happens when we meet. We get down to business but we do it by forming bonds and relationships that we can draw from in the months and years ahead.”

Here we have in no particular order, the women that have been shortlisted for England:

  • Abigail Barhoumi – Young Businesswoman of the Year
  • Adelle Martin – Startup of the Year
  • Alana & Susie – Customer Excellence Award
  • Alison Cooper – Female Founder of the Year
  • Allicia Buckle – Female Founder of the Year
  • Amanda Johnson – Champion Award
  • Aneta Buckthought – Young Businesswoman of the Year
  • Anita Devi   – Champion Award
  • Beverly Thorogood – Champion Award
  • Charlotte Perrott – Young Businesswoman of the Year
  • Charmain Edwards – Young Businesswoman of the Year
  • Chloe-Mairead Donnelly – Young Businesswoman of the Year
  • Claire McAvoy – Female Founder of the Year
  • Claire Goodwin-Fee – Champion Award
  • Claire Wang – Female Founder of the Year
  • Daisy Burgun – Young Businesswoman of the Year
  • Diane Porterfield – Champion Award
  • Donna Swift-Moore – Sustainability Award
  • Emma Armstrong – Startup of the Year
  • Emma Donnelly – Young Businesswoman of the Year
  • Emma Jarvis – Champion Award
  • Fay Sharpe – Champion Award
    Harriotte Lane – Young Businesswoman of the Year
  • Hayley Koseoglu – Female Founder of the Year
  • Isabelle Alexander – Startup of the Year
  • Julia Ngapo – Startup of the Year
  • Liz Jackson – C-Suite Award
  • Louise Hirst – Startup of the Year
  • Maddy Alexander-Grout – Champion Award
  • Marelize Bott – Female Founder of the Year
  • Mary Merheim – Startup of the Year
  • Maxine Fothergill – Employer of Women Award
  • Melanie Goodman – Customer Excellence Award
  • Melody Strange – Customer Excellence Award
  • Michelle Cooper – Champion Award
  • Natalie Ellis – Female Founder of the Year
  • Nzinga Orgill – Female Founder of the Year
  • Olivia Turley – CSR Award
  • Paddy White – Customer Excellence Award
  • Pia Cato – Customer Excellence Award
  • Rachel Boswell – Customer Excellence Award
  • Rachel Collar – Startup of the Year
  • Rachel Rodgers – Customer Excellence Award
  • Rebecca Burgess – C-Suite Award
  • Samantha Palmer – Champion Award
  • Shabnam Delfani – Sustainability Award
  • Shannon Wood – Young Businesswoman of the Year
  • Sophie Azam – Female Founder of the Year
  • Sophie Parker – Female Founder of the Year
  • Stacy Norman – Champion Award
  • Stephanie Wilson – Startup of the Year
  • Victoria Jenkins – Startup of the Year

All are invited to vote at using the VOTE button.  Winners are judged by an independent voting panel and will be announced at the Women’s Business Conference in Cheltenham on 5th October. All businesswomen are invited to attend the full day event with friends and family invited to participate in the awards ceremony from 3:00

The event, which is being sponsored by multi-asset social investment network eToro, will see businesswomen from all over England come together to connect, network, share expertise, listen to inspirational talks and attend 1-to-1 workshops. 

This year’s keynote speaker will be Rupal Patel, author of From CIA to CEO.  Rupal’s high-octane career has taken her from dusty briefing rooms in jungles and war zones to corporate boardrooms and international stages.

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