5 Tips Women Entrepreneurs Need For 2021

ByWomen's Business Club

Feb 10, 2021


Remaining competitive in the current economic climate is not an easy task. Still, it takes a hand-in-hand effort for women entrepreneurs to improve their businesses and be charitable to good causes that promote women. Sometimes there will be a need to come up with new ideas to find new business opportunities. As the market is highly competitive it is really important to be open to new ideas and strategies. There is a constant need to do research to find the parts of the market and industry that are not highly saturated and this will open an opportunity to implement blue ocean strategy to business models. Change is an integral part of a company, and many women entrepreneurs will have to restructure their business models to ensure that they can sufficiently succeed this year. Here are five tips to help you do just that.


Embrace change

Change can be quite unsettling, but as an entrepreneur, it is something you must always be ready for. To get past it and improve, the first thing you must do is to embrace it. After that, the next thing to do is evaluate and analyze how the change has affected you and the lessons you have learned. You may need to gather feedback on how the change affected business and you can use devices with a feedback button to track the satisfaction levels of your clients. Then, use that information to formulate a plan of approach to get ahead of the change. When you do this, you will be prepared for any outcome instead of panicking and reacting when things go off track. To bring fluidity and innovation into your business, implement a quarterly strategic plan and review process. This will enable you to plan for the long-term while giving you the freedom to change when something arises.


Amend tax payments

Regularly paying your taxes saves you money and time. Many people wait and make their state or federal payments quarterly, but that is not good enough. The best practice is to file your taxes every month. Work closely with your accountant and find out how much money you could save by filing your taxes every month. You may end up receiving a higher tax return at the end of the year using this approach. You can modernize your accounting system by using the appropriate software to gather and analyze all financial information.


Support fellow women

With many women beginning to establish themselves in the world of business, it makes sense to support the company of a fellow woman. Working together builds a network of women who will look out for and support each other. So if you can, enlist a fellow woman’s service or product. You could also offer support by becoming a mentor or training other women who are venturing into business. Another way to provide support is by allowing young girls to intern with your organization. Be a proponent of women in your community and provide opportunities for other women to learn and grow.


Learn to stand your ground

Being assertive can sometimes be associated with being aggressive. Being proactive is indicative of knowing the right and ensuring that it is done. Be fair and promote fairness in all your dealings otherwise, you will always end up on the wrong side of transactions. Protect your business and that of other women by being assertive and teaching others to do the same. Impart practical business knowledge anytime the opportunity arises with other women. Support each other as much as you can and, if suitable, bond on a level that gives you some economic advantage.


Explore avenues to secure grants

Running a business is no easy task, and often you will need support that will enable you to improve your organization and employees. Such grants will allow you to cater to internships and send employees back to school to increase their knowledge and improve their skills. This might not be common knowledge, but as a seasoned businesswoman, you may have come across such avenues where you can secure some grants to help other women come up. Usually, such grants are offered by the government, chamber of commerce, the local tourism board, or even private institutions that seek women’s empowerment.


Give back to the society

Society is the bedrock of businesses, and giving back to them is a corporate social responsibility. This will not only support the young girls and women in your communities but also ensure that your business means something to the community. There are several ways of giving back, and it could be through community outreach programs that you actively participate in or fund. You could also collaborate with other organizations to begin a donation drive for specific community projects that will improve the people’s lives in the community. Affordable housing, safe recreational spaces for children, and sports or arts development programs are some of the few areas you can impact.

Make use of these tips and boost your business’s growth while supporting other women and giving back to the community.



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